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So my camera is on vacation with my mom at the moment so I don’t have anything to share. I am getting ready to move into a new apartment in a few months so I have been spending a lot of my craft time working on some housewares for myself. I am really looking forward to the move and the chance to decorate my new space.


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Well, my partner received her swap package so I can fianlly share the pictures of what I have been working on.!

I made this cute shopping bag

This reversible apron, the other side is white with blue polka dots.

This scarf and mitten set.

And this mesh Market Bag. Here is an action shot

The swap was a bargain hunter swap, I only spent $10 to craft all of this! Also in my bargain hunting I came across two sweaters to unravel and reuse.

I already started on the sleeve of this angora wool blend!

And I really love this grey wool one too!

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Nothing to show

All of my crafting this week has been for a swap, so I don’t have anything to show yet. At least not until my swap partner recieves her package. So I am going to leave you with a picture of my kitty.

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New Projects

I finished my Ribbed Lace Bolero last weekend at my grandparent’s house and I finally got around to taking a picture. Here it is modeled by my little sister Colleen.

I wore it out last night and it seemed a little loose, but I think that can be solved by seaming up the arms a little bit more.

My socks for Tracey are coming along well, I finished the first one and have started the cuff on the second.

I don’t love how the colors are pooling but I am getting used to it. I had hoped they would stripe better, but I guess not.

And I cast on for my first pair of toe up socks. I chose the Ambrosia Socks from the Fall ’07 Interweave knits and I am using the Claudia’s Hand-Painted Sock Yarn I got in SPLJ2.

I have gotten past the toe so far, and it was pretty fun!

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Very Refreshing Weekend

So, it was off to my grandparents for the fair this weekend and I had a really great time. I was able to give my granny her somewhat late birthday presents. A set of 4 napkin holders. Yes I finally finished those!


I might make her some more since I have extra beads and wire. I also gave her a re-useable swiffer cover since she is trying to be more green lately.

I got the idea for this from craftster.

I even got to buy some beautiful handspun yarn at the fair!

The red yarn is also hand-dyed, the beige is undyed. I am hoping to make these into a hat and scarf set. I have about 550 yards altogether, maybe I can get two sets out of it all together.

I did a lot of knitting, and have a new FO that is almost ready to post about, just need to get it photo ready. Though how could I not get a lot of knitting done with such a peaceful and beautiful place to knit.

This is the view from my grandparents patio. The Berkshires are so pretty!

I also finished up two skirts before I left, so I had cute stuff to wear out this weekend.

This one was made with a nice, cheap cotton print I found at JoAnn’s.

This one is the linen/cotton blend I was talking about before. Both Skirts a very simply A-Line skirts with elastic waistbands using the recipe in Sew What, Skirts!. These are my favorite things to make since I wear skirts so much and I can put the whole thing together in one afternoon.

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My Craft Stuff

I finished a Napkin Ring for my Granny tonight using the Venezia pattern from Knitty. I am not sure if I love how it came out though, I guess I will be trying at least one more. Working with the wire is sort of difficult, and I do not not love it. I am hoping my second one will come out better, I would like to make a set of 6 or 8 to give as a present.



And here is a quick shot of my sadly small and messy “craft corner” Aka the side of my desk where my sewing machine sits.

Craft Space

Besides working on those napkin holders I also worked onĀ  a skirt today, not done so no pictures yet. It is a nice brown linen/cotton blend with flowers embroidered on it. I am making a simple A-Line with an elastic waistband using the outline in Sew What Skirts! I have used it before and it makes a simple but very wearable and cute skirt. I only grabbed 2 yards of the fabric so the skirt isn’t as full as I would like but it is still nice looking.

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Time to start Spinning

So, I have had a drop spindle for a while now but I have only tried using it once and then I gave up. Well, it is time for that to change because I just bought myself a huge bag of alpaca fiber at Tregelly’s Fiber Farm.

I had a lot of fun visiting there, lots of cool animals and really beautiful. So now I just need to learn how to spin!

Pictures of what I got.

Practice wool

Practice wool given to me as a gift.

My alpaca

My Alpaca

Peacock feather

Peacock Feather given to me as a gift.

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